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Job Posting: CCEMC Executive Director

CCEMC seeks an Executive Director who is highly committed to providing support to the advancement of dual enrollment models across the state, models that have proven to serve and enhance the opportunities for under-represented youth. The Executive Director will support the core values and the mission of CCEMC. The Executive Director reports to and is evaluated by the CCEMC Board of Directors.

The mission of CCEMC is to promote and expand proven best practices associated with dual enrollment that develop and sustain supportive environments to strengthen K-12 and college partnerships, enabling high school students to transition successfully to post-secondary institutions college and career ready, with substantial college units earned through dual enrollment.

CCEMC is a California public benefit corporation and is classified as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, a corporation dedicated to the advancement of dual enrollment for the benefit of the students of California.   

Closing Date: 10/16/2022

CCEMC is the only California non-profit educational coalition whose sole devotion is dual enrollment. 

In fulfillment of our mission, CCEMC’s focus is on the effective and equitable student-centered implementation of dual enrollment programs.  CCEMC facilitates events that promote best-practices by providing numerous professional development opportunities.  CCEMC strives to be available to dual enrollment educators to provide the guidance, support and networking opportunities to address the needs and concerns of our members and the general dual enrollment community.