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Equity, Expansion & Excellence
in Dual Enrollment

The California Coalition of Early & Middle Colleges (CCEMC) is the only California non-profit coalition whose sole mission is dedicated to Dual Enrollment. CCEMC is a peer educator network that supports Dual Enrollment programs in California. The goal of CCEMC is to promote and expand proven best practices associated with Dual Enrollment that promote equity strategies, develop and sustain supportive environments, and strengthen K-12 and college partnerships; strategies which will enable high school students to be college and career ready and to transition successfully to post-secondary institutions, with significant college units earned through Dual Enrollment.

Effective Dual Enrollment programs require collaborative implementation. CCEMC is poised to play a pivotal role in ensuring community college districts and school districts understand the important role Dual Enrollment can play in increasing college success for students and the importance of proper implementation and expansion. Whether a district is utilizing AB30 CCAP agreements or simple MOU’s, CCEMC provides guidance, technical assistance and professional development to assure Dual Enrollment programs are implemented seamlessly.

CCEMC believes in providing educators with the tools necessary to become skilled Dual Enrollment leaders and advocates at their home districts. To that end, the CCEMC list of learning opportunities that promote excellence, includes the Annual CCEMC Dual Enrollment Summit, Regional Workshops, Dual Enrollment Leadership Academy (DELA), and Technical Assistance and Program Development. More in-depth explanation of our services can be found under Upcoming Events.